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Founded in 1986, Picena Frigor has established itself as a market leader in refrigeration solutions for over thirty years, specialising in the manufacture of highly customised, high quality machinery.

We are looking to the future by focusing on computerisation and connectivity, with a strong commitment to increasing in-house developed control systems. We are dedicated to researching innovative refrigerant gases, both natural and synthetic, oriented towards sustainability and greater energy efficiency, which can be achieved through careful design.

Specialising in turnkey refrigeration systems for industry, we offer solutions that optimise production processes.
Our experience allows us to meet the needs of both large multinationals and small and medium-sized companies, adapting to different operating contexts.

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Our Vision

We aspire to lead the evolution of the industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning industry through the adoption of advanced technologies, the promotion of sustainable practices and the continuous improvement of our solutions, in order to support our customers in meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and manufacture refrigeration and air-conditioning systems for industrial use, optimising production processes with customised solutions that reduce processing times, increase quality and efficiency, and ensure maximum reliability in every operating context.

The Values that distinguish us

During design, customers may be tempted by cheaper machines available on the market. However, analyses by our technical team often reveal inconsistent data or unrealistic performance.
On the contrary, our machines guarantee compliance with specifications in all conditions, ensuring reliability and superior performance.


We are pioneers in technology integration to improve the quality and efficiency of solutions.


We guarantee consistent performance and business continuity through robust installations.


We promote environmentally friendly solutions and aim to reduce environmental impact.


We design customised solutions, listening and responding to specific customer needs.


We use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the durability of our products.


We provide ongoing service and maintenance to keep systems efficient and functional.

Customisation and Remote Control

In recent years, we have seen an increasing demand for high quality standards from our customers, driven by changes in the manufacturing industry where cost control and minimisation of production downtime have become essential. Over 15 years ago, anticipating these market needs, we developed electronic systems to control our main machines. This has allowed a higher level of customisation, adapting our machines to the specific needs of customers and application sectors.

We have implemented advanced technologies, including supervisory systems, remote control and alarm management, to prevent disruptions in production. Thanks to our proprietary control systems, the machines we produce consistently meet the required specifications, even under the most demanding working conditions.

We design and build water and chilled air production systems, as well as laboratory machines that effectively meet current regulations for industrial refrigeration and air conditioning. We use first-class materials to guarantee excellent results in cold rooms, refrigerated environments and blast chillers in the food industry. We offer performance-optimised solutions in terms of temperature, pressure and energy efficiency, both under standard and specific conditions. We place particular importance on the reliability of our systems, which are designed to withstand intense daily stresses.

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PLC control
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Our installations around the world

We have an extensive international presence with plants in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Among the European countries, we count facilities in Poland, Belarus, Romania, Spain, France, Germany, Austria and, of course, several Italian regions such as Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Campania, Lazio, Abruzzo and the Marches.
Our global expansion also includes the US, China, Turkey, India, Morocco and Malaysia.

These plants are mainly dedicated to the production of rubber and plastic materials. They are designed for high performance and are adaptable to different environmental conditions, from extremely hot to cold, humid to arid climates. We use high-quality materials, selected for their durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions and corrosion.

Picena Frigor is present in 14 countries

Comprehensive technical support and maintenance services

We ensure the optimal functioning of our systems over time, even in the most demanding environments. We pride ourselves on providing reliable, high-performance solutions that adapt to different operating environments, contributing to the success of our customers worldwide.

Map of Picena Frigor plants worldwide

Thanks to a solid reputation and the word-of-mouth of satisfied customers, we work with numerous multinationals, confirming our presence in 14 countries and strengthening our position as a leader in industrial refrigeration.

- Poland
- Belarus

- Romania
- Spain

- France
- Germany

- Russia
- Austria

- China
- India

- Turkey
- United States

- Morocco
- Malaysia

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