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Commercial air conditioning

Construction of air ducts within large commercial halls to be connected to rooftops or air handling units.

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The objective in this type of installation is to ensure even air distribution and maintain a comfortable environment for all occupants. Unlike other air-conditioning systems, here one must take into account an increased influx of people and size the system accordingly to ensure that the air-conditioning is adequate even in the presence of a large number of visitors.

Our systems are designed to meet the specific challenges of large commercial halls, where a constant temperature and adequate air quality must be maintained in all areas. The careful design of the air ducts and their efficient connection to rooftop or central air handling units ensure that the air is optimally distributed, improving the comfort and energy efficiency of the entire system.

In addition, our air conditioning systems are equipped with advanced control systems, which allow precise and intuitive management of all operating parameters. Through the use of sensors and monitoring technologies, air quality and temperature can be kept under control and adapted to the specific needs of the environment.

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