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Heat pump system for tank heating for galvanising line

The galvanising line consists of a number of tanks containing water mixed with other chemical components, which must be maintained at a constant temperature of around 40°C.

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The designed heat pump produces water at a temperature of 65-70°C, which is run in special stainless steel coils immersed in galvanising baths. This system maintains a constant bath temperature, ensuring a uniform, high-quality galvanising process. The heat pump must be able to supply the nominal power even at negative ambient temperatures, thus guaranteeing the efficiency of the system in all climatic conditions.

This project also includes the accurate dimensioning of the hydronic network, consisting in particular of piping, hydraulic pumps and control valves. Each component is selected and sized to ensure maximum system efficiency and reliability. Picena Frigor is committed to providing tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer, ensuring optimal control of the galvanising process and improving the productivity and quality of the end product.

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