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Laboratory machine refrigeration

The contract project consists of the realisation of a water cooling system, consisting of a chiller connected to a hydraulic sorting unit for a special laboratory machine.

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The water is cooled by a chiller with a cooling capacity of 30 kW, capable of constantly maintaining the desired temperature. This system is designed to configure itself differently depending on the processing stage, thanks to an integrated system of two pumps, a storage tank and four motorised three-way valves. These components not only perform the control function, but also allow flexible and precise management of the water flow.

The system is designed to adapt dynamically to various operational requirements, thus ensuring efficient and uniform cooling during all processing stages. The hydraulic sorting unit allows the chilled water to be optimally distributed, improving the overall performance of the laboratory machine.

Thanks to this advanced solution, Picena Frigor is able to guarantee a high standard of quality and reliability, responding to the specific needs of each customer with customised cooling systems that optimise laboratory processes and ensure accurate and consistent results over time.

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