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Process water cooling for extrusion line

The Water Chiller is an ideal solution for cooling industrial processing lines.

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Chillers are versatile and indispensable machines that find application in all contexts where it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature of the fluid to be cooled. For example, they are essential in rubber and plastic extrusion lines or in the cooling of machine tools.

The chillers can be used either for a single utility or for several at the same time, thus providing great flexibility of use.

The cooling capacity of these machines varies from a few kW to several hundred kW, depending on customer requirements. Each machine is specifically designed according to the required dimensional and performance specifications, thus ensuring optimum adaptability to any type of plant.

The main objective of a chiller is to ensure controlled and stable temperatures for the proper operation of processing lines, reducing the risk of defects in finished products and keeping productivity at a high level.

One of the special features of these chillers is that they ensure the nominal power ratings over an extended operating range, as well as withstanding noticeable temperature jumps in the load. This feature allows efficient performance to be maintained even under variable operating conditions, ensuring reliable and continuous operation of the entire system.

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