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Refrigerator for braiding and spiralling machines on flexible mandrels

Cold boxes for processing reinforced rubber hoses by braiding or spiralling on a flexible mandrel.

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The box stands between the unwinder and the reinforcement machine. An internal drum, on which the tube is wound, ensures that the tube remains in the cell long enough to cool it to the desired temperature, before the braiding or spiralling machine. This optimal cooling is essential to maintain the properties of the material and ensure the quality of the final product.

Inspection of the inside of the cell is provided by a special porthole, which allows the internal conditions to be monitored without interrupting the process, thus maintaining operational efficiency. The machine is controlled by a PLC with customised software developed by Picena Frigor, ensuring precise and reliable operation.

The machine is also equipped with a touch operator panel that ensures that machine parameters can be displayed and configured intuitively and immediately. This advanced system allows operators to easily manage and optimise the cooling process, improving productivity and reducing the risk of errors.

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