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Refrigerator for braiding and spiral binding machines on flexible mandrel with coil loading

Refrigerators to be inserted along the production line of reinforced rubber hoses, by braiding or spiralling on a flexible mandrel.

The machine can be customised according to customer requirements.

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Picena Frigor offers advanced solutions for cooling the tube (substrate) wrapped around the coil, placing it inside the refrigerator with the help of a special electromechanical system. This externally controlled system allows the heavy reels to be easily loaded and unloaded inside the box.

The refrigerator has a rear opening to allow loading and unloading of the reel, and a side service door that allows the operator to perform any operation without opening the main doors. Inspection of the inside of the cell is ensured by special portholes, which allow monitoring of the internal conditions without having to open the refrigerator, thus maintaining the efficiency of the system.

The plant is controlled by a system developed by our company, based on a PLC complete with touch control. This advanced system allows the operator to precisely and intuitively manage and monitor all machine functions, ensuring uniform and constant cooling of the reinforced rubber hoses.

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