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Rigidity and flexibility testing machines for reinforced rubber hoses

Laboratory machine designed and built to perform flexibility and rigidity tests of hydraulic hoses at low temperatures down to -60°C.

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Picena Frigor offers an advanced solution for laboratories that need to conduct in-depth tests on hydraulic hoses, guaranteeing maximum precision and reliability.

Both qualitative tests and tests with torque measurement and recording can be conducted with this machine. It therefore allows for more stringent tests than those described in the specific ISO 4672 standard and subsequent revisions, offering greater versatility and detail in analysis. This makes the machine an indispensable tool for laboratories aiming to ensure high standards of quality and compliance.

The plant is controlled by a system developed by our company and customised for each customer. This system is based on a PLC with Touch Control panel and temperature probes, which ensure accuracy and reliability over time. The possibility of customisation allows the machine to be adapted to the specific needs of each laboratory, improving the efficiency and quality of the tests performed.

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