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Special facilities for air treatment

Design and realisation of systems for controlling the air inside special processing rooms, known as clean rooms, by means of air handling units.

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With our air handling units, the following air parameters can be controlled and guaranteed: absence of impurities by means of absolute filtration, correct room temperature, relative humidity, air quality with relative sterilisation by means of UV-C lamps, and constant chamber overpressure to prevent contamination of the environment by re-entry of outside air. These parameters are essential to maintain a sterile and safe environment, preventing contamination and ensuring the quality of the product being processed.

Special sensors are used to monitor these quantities, such as those for air quality, which can detect the presence of toxic substances that could be harmful to both the operator and the product being processed. This advanced monitoring and control system ensures an optimal working environment, reducing risks and improving operational efficiency.

In these plants, control is provided by a PLC and one or more touch-screen LCD panels, which allow control by operators via a customisable user interface. This advanced control system allows all operating parameters to be precisely monitored and regulated, ensuring optimal operation and efficient management of energy resources.

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