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Temperature-controlled goods storage

Realisation of large rooms for storing goods at a controlled temperature, normally used by transport companies.

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Due to the large size, a secondary fluid is typically used for this type of plant. Therefore, in addition to the design and installation of the refrigeration machines, the design and installation of an appropriate hydraulic circuit is necessary. This advanced system ensures efficient cold distribution throughout the storage environment, keeping goods at the desired temperature.

The entire project is often delivered on a turnkey basis, including the construction of structural works such as insulation panelling, flooring, doors, etc. This integrated approach ensures that each component of the system is perfectly coordinated and functional, offering the customer a complete, ready-to-use system.

These plants are controlled with a PLC and one or more touch-screen LCD panels, which allow control by operators via a customisable user interface. This advanced control system allows all operating parameters to be precisely monitored and regulated, ensuring optimal operation and efficient management of energy resources.

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