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Water cooling for rubber and plastic mixers

A mixer or blender for rubber and plastics production requires that the temperature of the mixture be kept constant in different sections of the plant.

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Picena Frigor designs and manufactures hydronic power packs with several outlets, capable of autonomously and independently regulating the water temperature required to cool the mixture. These hydronic control units are designed to offer precise and reliable control, ensuring that each section of the system receives water at the ideal temperature.

The hydronic power plant is fed upstream by a chiller of adequate power, which takes care of supplying the amount of chilled water required for subsequent regulation. This integrated system ensures that the entire cooling process is highly efficient and that the temperature of the mixture remains constant, avoiding variations that could compromise the quality of the finished product.

These systems are controlled by PLC and one or more touch-screen LCD panels, which implement a customisable user interface. This advanced system allows the entire plant to be managed efficiently and intuitively, enabling operators to easily monitor and adjust all operating parameters. The possibility of customising the user interface ensures that the system can be adapted to the specific needs of each customer, improving productivity and the quality of the final product.

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